Roby Vitari is an Italian drummer, drum instructor and musical producer, voting member of the Grammys/Recording Academy (Los Angeles Chapter).

A native of Cosenza (Italy), he started in Cosenza and moved to Turin (Italy), in 1990 and relocated in Los Angeles in 2017. Since 2013 he’s active in the Los Angeles area as a session drummer, ex drum instructor/director at GM Drum School USA (Santa Ana,  California), ex drum instructor at Spotlight Music School (Garden Grove, California) and Music Producer/Engineer at Number 8 Studio (Santa Ana, California).

He played drums with Headcrasher, The Dramedy, The Art Of Zapping, N.I.A. Punx, This Evol Taste, Nefertari, La Cosa, 2.0, Radar, Hollywood Killerz, Kutfaces, Jester Beast, MCN, Warrior Soul, Mindwars and Creepin’ Death.

Currently playing with Mindwars (Los Angeles, CA), Headcrasher (Italy).

Discography (as a drummer):

*2020: Mindwars – The Fourth Turning (Dissonance Productions)

*2018: Mindwars – Do Unto Others (Dissonance Productions)

* 2016: Mindwars – Sworn To Secrecy (Punishment 18 Records)

* 2014: Mindwars – The Enemy Within (Punishment 18 Records)

* 2013: M.C.N. – U cirivieddu che รจ chinu r’acqua?! (Qanat Records)

* 2013: Jester Beast: – The Infinite Jest (Zapping Productions)

* 2012: Kutfaces – Storytellers (Self Production)

* 2011: Kutfaces – Street Routine (Alkemist Fanatix Production)

* 2010: Hollywood Killerz – Dead On Arrival (Street Symphonies Records)

* 2007: The Art Of Zapping – Rollercoaster remixes (011 Records)

* 2004: The Art Of Zapping – Volume 3 (Self)

* 1997: Nefertari – Deja vu (Self Produced)

* 1994: The Art Of Zapping – Down (Lollypop records)

* 1992: The Art Of Zapping – Openmindrevolution (Lollypop Records)

* 1990: Headcrasher: Introspection (Dracma Records)

* 1989: Headcrasher – Nothing Will Remain (Metal News Records)


Toured across Europe, Japan and USA since 1990


Teaching career: 

Drum Instructor at GM Drum School Central Headquarter (Turin, Italy) and Drum Instructor/Director at GM Drum School International Drum Academy in Santa Ana, California.

Music production career:

Music Producer/Sound Engineer at “Number 8 Recording Studio” (Turin, Italy since 2003 and Santa Ana, California since 2017).

Awards:TIM Tour Festval 2003. Arezzo Wave Festival 2001

Original soundtracks: A/R Andata + Ritorno (2004 Marco Ponti, RAI Cinema, 01 Distribution)


UFIP Cymbals (since 2003), Evans Drumheads (past), Collision Drumsticks (past).

Vibe Drums (past), DC Shoe (past), To:Fino (past).